We are launching NAL from the Sys:\public directory. We have client 4.91
installed with some of the legacy 3.2 files copied into the
c:\winnt\system32 directory so the older NAL will function. When I
upgrade to Zen 7, will I need to re-install the client with the most
current NAL files? I originally used a batch file to copy these files
down and also modified the files within the client install to be the
legacy files. Am I going to be able to continue running the NAL from
Sys:\public until I upgrade the agent on that workstation? Would it be
best to copy these files to the hard drive and run it from there until I
get the workstations updated? I wasn't sure how much of the Zen 3.2
components will function with the server upgraded to Zen 7.

Any clarification would be appreciated!!

Melissa Helgeson