My organization is planning to upgrade our Zenworks 6.5 platform to
Zenworks 7 service pack 1. I have a few basic questions about upgrading.
I read the upgrade documentation and saw the differences in ziswin.exe,
and inventory policies, but I still have a few lingering questions.
1) Do I have to worry about re-configuring workstation policies?
2) When upgrading the Zen Agent, is the agent for version 7 backward
compatible, so I can upgrade the agents before the server install, or
vice versa?
3) Looking at the documentation, there doesn't seem to be differences in
the Server, SLP and Workstation Inventory policy configuration, but has
anyone experienced issues with that after upgrading?
4) We use a single Zenworks server in our organization, so I'm not
worried about workstation inventory rollup to another server, etc.
According to the documentation, the inventory upgrade should be a
straight-forward install. But has anyone experienced inventory issues
after upgrading from Zen 6.5 to 7?