We are currently using ZfD 7.0.1 in our school district. The layout is
pretty simple - one ZfD server at the central office and one server at each
school with ZfD. All servers are NetWare 6.5.5, but the central office
server is the only one with an inventory database (all the sites roll-up
inventory data to the central server, which writes it to the database).

We have a need to add a Linux server to utilize FreeRADIUS, and due to
limited resources we need to convert an existing server over to SUSE to run
it. The best candidate seems to be the ZfD server since that's all it's
doing and I know ZfD runs on SUSE.

So I guess I should ask my question: Does anyone have experience running
ZfD in a mixed SUSE/NetWare environment? Will there be any problems running
the inventory db on a SUSE server but rolling up data from NetWare? Any
other quirks/caveats I need to know about before I start?