I want to install ZfD7sp1 on my NW65sp5 servers. Clients are 491sp2.
The installed Zenworks is still starter pack. We use it for DLU.
Starter pack still works if you install first Client481sp1 and then
Client491sp2 on top of that. The Workstation Manager component from 483
stays intact and works. So far so good. But : in a lab environment I
installed ZfD7 on a NW65SP5 and this brook the client DLU function.

I am looking for a situation where I can install the ZfD7 server
component without breaking the DLU on the clients. If this is not
possible I would have to update and servers and clients (300+) on one
weekend without the possibility of testing a few stations.

We also have extensible policies and Nal still from the starter pack
but I can recreate them.

I read that the winNT-w2k-xp page in ConsoleOne policies is there for
pre-ZfD4 policies but using that page does not help.

Any ideas on updating the server to ZfD7 without breaking the client
DLU from the starter pack ?