I just installed a new compaq DL380 server with:
Netware 6.5 with SP3 (2 cd's)

After that I followed the installation guidelines to install Zenworks for
Desktops Management 7 ( 1 cd).
Installation menu choices:
1 - I Extend the ZFD schema for NDS.
2 - After that I select to install Zenworks for Desktop Management

At the end it takes a while, but when the installation should be finished,
ther is 1 error, it says "Installation was not completed successfully".

In the installation log there is this error
"XML Proxy server not found on <servername>".

Well I am sure I did not have any option during install process to select
the XML proxy server (I checked all option of zfd7 to be installed).
Does it belong to the inventory service ? or Zenworks imaging ?

So what is going on ?? Why is this XML proxy server missing, and what did I
do wrong ?
I cannnot find any solution in the knowledgebase about this issue.
It is driving me nuts. Today I spent 8 hours of re-installing the whole
thing over and over again to see if I missed something, but no.

Please help a.s.a.p. because this new server needs to be up and running
quickly in our school (old server is working, but suffers severeley from
disk cache problems and low memory ).

Thank you in advance.


Erik de Keijzer
Stedelijk Daltoncollege
The Netherlands