In our enviroment we started to implement Zenworks7SP1 on Windows2003
server and Active Directory. ZEN server and Middletier are instaled on
same server. All works fine, but some problems on workstations (WinXP)has

Workstatins are joined to AD domain, user accont between ED-AD are
synchronized through IDM.

1.)After same time if workstatins is out-of-work , Novell security screen
logon appears and it is not possible to login to this realm.
If I cancel it, zenworks explorer is in offline mode and is not posible
switch it to online. At that time I must restart workstations.

Why this screen still appears ? What is realm ?

2.) If users log off on workstations and next they want log in to Windows
(with same account or diferent)after succesfull windows AD autetnification
Zenworks midldletier login screen appears, and is not possible log to
this. If user cancel this login, windows starts but user is not logged to
ZEnworks enviroment. IF PC is restated all is OK.

Any idea , what we have wrong configured ?