I want to update ZFD4.01 to ZFD7 SP1. When I extend my schema I get the
following error message.

12.10.06 17:13:43 -- Schema extension failed for ..\..\schema\ZEN2toZFD4.sch
12.10.06 17:13:43 -- ERROR: Unable to extend schema for schema file
ZEN2toZFD4.sch. Error code: -60412.10.06 17:13:43 -- ERROR: There was a
problem extending the schema. There may be a problem with your
directory. Use NWConfig to diagnose and repair any problems, then
re-run the schema extension

Is this serious? Can I upgrade ZEN anyway? There had been an install of
Zen Starter Pack 2 long times ago. But Zen4.01 is running for years.

thx in advance