The servername-zis object is missing.
The following error was also noted in the ZIMGDBG.LOG:
"[RAD] Error -603, "zenimgImagingService", "MyServer-ZIS.MyOU.MyO""

I have tried to reinstall ZFD 7.0 with SP1 but it will not reinstall

In ZFD setup program/under server selection most options are checked and
are grayed out, zfdstart.ncf are only created with StartWOl.ncf.

The log file:
ZENworks Desktop Management installation was successful on the following

Pre-install steps completed successfully
ZENworks Desktop Management files copied successfully.
AOT files processed successfully
Install successfully completed on ZEN-TEST.oslo.os. However, you may
wish to verify that all installed services are configured correctly.

All files seemes to be copied.

But the servername.zis object is not created.

Regards Roar Skaare