Other than straight forward imaging I am self-learning Zen 7 without
training on the fly. So at this point I don't consider myself and expert
by any stretch and ask you not to either.

Looking over taking "Snapshots" [and 3000+ of documentation] it appears
you cannot get a working snapshot from a package installed with an MSI,
like Office, because features may be partially installed, i.e., Word but
not Outlook.

I have the Zen version of FlexNet Admin studio 7.5 and if I understand
correctly it strips out the extrainious program data to create a usable
MSI. Is the next step then to install this newly created MSI and then
take a snapshot or do I just move the revised MSI to a location the
application launcher can find?

My ignorance is not bliss and any help you can give by pointing to
specific manuals [I have all the online .pdf's] would be greatly
appreciated. Unfortuately some staff have been to a 4-day workshop but
the materials provided just don't provide much detail.

I have a lot to learn but feel this portion is a pretty big piece of the
puzzle to solve before trying to move forward. I have VMWare and can
provide a clean machine.