Perhaps I need a little advice on installing ZEN7sp1. I just installed
onto a Dell 2650 Poweredge server. It is running NDPS and Broker as well
as Tapeware agent, DHCPSRVR and NAMED.
What would be the preferred install for ZEN services? I installed ZFD7.1,
ZFS along with the traffic analysis features. When I did this, the server
was having issues in NDPS printing and the server slowed way down. I
haven't even created any slow...I've also noticed that when
trying to install the ZEN.npm, it does not show in iManager. I am not
impressed with iManager at all as it is clunky and very slow. It is sad
when the preferred choice of administration is Consoleone! I wish Novell
would work on a smooth running admin director comes from a
Microsoft environment and continues to curse the Novell tools. I cannot
blame him as they just do not work very reliably. Very slow logins and fickle.

so is it advisable to install ZEN services on a server by itself with lot's
of horsepower, disk space and RAM? Can I also install the ZFD and ZFS
services on the same server?

Don't get me wrong, I prefer Novell AND open source, but it is difficult to
defend when we are having problems and it costs $650 to get help.
Thanks for your answer in advance...