We recently upgraded our Netware 6.5 SP5 servers with ZENworks 7.0 SP1.
About 2 weeks later, we proceeded to update the clients (2000
and xp, fully patched) and now quite a few of the clients are getting
Tree or Server cannot be found errors. The DHCP server is a Windows
2003 server and uses the Option 79 to deliver the SLP-Scope information.

When we check the workstations, they show that they did not receive any
slpscope information from DHCP (all other DHCP options work and are
fine). Reboot a few times and eventually it populates and they can
logon. Any ideas? I really don't like the apparent randomness of the
whole deal.

On one laptop, it did it like 50% of the time for about 6-10 reboots
then the problem went away completely and I couldn't get it to do it

When the workstations work, the slpinfo /d command reveals the following:

SLP Version
DA IP Address: The correct IP
Source: DHCP
State: UP
Version: SLPV2

Lastly, if I hardcode the information into the 4.91 SP2b Novell Client
we are using it works fine. We would prefer to keep it flexible and
delivered via DHCP if possible though...