When running the zfdagent.msi, the installation location defaults to:

C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\

....and, as a matter of fact, is "greyed out"; one is never presented the
option to change it anywhere. I also investigated the .msi file itself,
and could not discover any way to change it there, either.

My problem is that, in our school environment, we use a product
called "DeepFreeze" to protect student workstations. The idea is that a
student can play with WinXP also he wants, but when the machine is
rebooted, everything is returned to the state it was when the machine was
first booted.

I have been told that the ZfD MA is not a "static" thing, and needs the
capability to retain changed settings between reboots.

My only "out" is that DeepFreeze had the capability to create a "sandbox"
area, referenced by a unique drive letter (in our case, we reserve a
2GB 'V:' drive) where one can install programs like ZENworks... which
would be great if only I could tell the ZfD Agent to install itself
to "V:" drive- but I seemingly cannot do that.

Any ideas out there, or am I just missing something, or am I misinformed
as to the ZfD Agent requirements?

Thanks very much,