I'm working with a customer who currently is using Netware 5 and
Zenworks 4. They are moving to a pure Microsoft Active Directory
environment with Server 2003 and Exhange. They own upgrade rights to
Zenworks 7, but were considering moving to Microsoft SMS in order to
keep everything "Microsoft". My job is to convince them to upgrade to
(and keep) Zenworks 7SP1.

I need your advice/guidance on how to proceed with this. Below are
some specific questions I need answers to:

1. I've read through the Zenworks 7 upgrade documentation, but most of
it assumes Netware will remain in the environment. This customer will
consider keeping Zenworks 7 as long as they don't have to manage two
separate directories. Q: In broad terms, what would the upgrade path
look like?

2. What work would have to be done at the workstations? Are there
registry entries, DNS or import policy changes that need to be made?
What about NAL?

3. Will all the components of the Zenworks 7 solution run on a Server
2003 domain controller? Or will Zenworks need its own Server 2003?

4. My thought was to install eDirectory on Server 2003, then install
Zenworks 7 on the same server. I'd then install the MiddleTier server
on the same server (Novell client will be removed from all PCs). Does
this seem reasonable?

5. I'm assuming there is a utility I can use to import/modify the Zen4
policy packages into 7? Would it be better to convert the Zen4 AOT's
to .MSI format first, then move into Zenworks 7?

6. For an 80 desktop environment, with 35 policy packages, how long do
you think this project would take?

I'm writing the proposal today (11/13/06), so any help, even partial or
broad answers would be helpful.

Thank you -