Current configuration:

4 NW65SP5 servers
- 1 "remote" - T1 connection to main campus - local storage
- 3 "local" - on main campus - storage on EMC SAN (cx300)

1 NW65SP2 server w/IDM2.0.1; passwd sync to Sun LDAP; possible
upgrade over winter break. Used for NetDrive & web page
access. Data is local & no users log in directly

ZfD3.2 SP1 installed on the 4 NW65SP5 servers; a reinstall
after upgrading from NW65SP2. No local databases; all were
installed as leaf servers; no workstation policies used.

Had been reinstalled to continue support of ZfD objects for
application access; has been used for distributing registry
updates (e.g., IE7 blocker).

Have been rolling out the ZDM7 (w/SP1) agents to workstations
in stages over the last 6-8 weeks. Relatively sure most have
successfully installed. Noted exceptions are being upgraded
by our help desk/desktop support staff.

Now need to upgrade to ZDM7 w/SP1 on the servers. Specifically
in response to need for workstation inventory. Will be getting
to ZAM7 (licensed via ALA) after this stage is completed.

We want to use our existing Oracle database on a Solaris 9
system for the database. This introduces some question as
to if the server that sends to this database should be installed
as a Root Server or as an Intermediate Server. The other 3 would
be set up as leaf servers with workstations attached.

From the docs, I'm assuming I would *not* select Inventory Database,
but after installation is complete, manually add this pointing
at the Oracle instance as described in the DM7 Admin guide for
setting up Workstation Inventory.

Specific questions:

- Should I install as Root or Intermediate?

- Should this first server be installed alone first, get things
configured, then install the other 3?

Any constructive thoughts/comments would also be appreciated.


Alan Weitzsacker
Canisius College, Buffalo NY