I am trying to upgrade from Zen 4.01ir6 to Zen 7 w/sp1 on my cluster and
when I select the cluster resource that is hosting the shared Zen resources
it adds it the to the server selection window but the entire selection is
greyed out. I have read the TID regarding the cluster object not being
visible and to select the Cluster Resource that is hosting the Zen volume
and when I do this I get the above mentioned result. when I click next to
continue I then get a quick flash of a CMD window and the "Please Wait"
window. I waited...... I even left it over night and it didn't run. When I
select the cluster node that has the Zen resource mounted it comes up ok and
I can continue but it shows some products that are installed as being new,
not upgradeable and it points everything to the ZEN cluster volume.

I am stumped, I have been able to upgrade my ZFS servers, and other ZDM
servers but no the cluster. I have tried unchecking the prerequisite check
option, different disks etc.