We are currently running Netware 6.5 SP5, with Zen 7.0, with Novell client
4.91 SP2. After completing the update of the ZFD agent, users will be
able to login clean without getting a second workstation login (DLU is
working). However, after several days the workstation login box pops up
and requires the users to login to the local workstation(DLU is failing).

After removing and re-installing the ZFD agent, users again can login
without getting the second workstation box. However after a few days it
will go back to the second login.

I have ghosted an image from a neighboring lab PC without any change to
the above scenario. I have also deleted the workstation object in console
one and re-imported it with no changes.

100s of other users are using the same user policies without any problem.
This is only happening on two computers.

any thoughts?