i have tried to distribute the ZFDAgent to XP Workstations over the
Distributionwizard from ConsoleOne. But the distribution was always
cancelled with an error something like this (sorry but i have only the
german report and i dont know the correct translation:)

German: Fehler- Das Freigabe Laufwerk $Admin kann nicht zugeordnet

English: Error - The Share $Admin can´t associate.

Is there anything to do at the workstation konfiguration? I have already
turned the Firewall off.

I know that when i try it from a local Workstation and use the loopback
Adress the distribution to this WS is no problem. But when i use the Network
IP of the same Computer the error Message returns again.

I have switched the Firewall and the Option "simple file sharing" off, but
this doesn´t fix the Problem. I also can´t distribute a policy to the XP
Workstation. I have reading the Administrators Handbook again and again but
it also can´t help me.

Zero Effort is not the right Word for this Situation.