In my current testing, I've encountered a problem that
I'm hoping is straightforward enough to resolve.

Test server: NW65 SP5 (and post SP5 updates applied)
Initial: ZfD 3.2 SP1 (same as we have in production)
End result desired: ZDM7 SP1, implementing workstation
inventory where the DB is Oracle on a Solaris 9 machine.

Initial testing: have the ZDM7 agents deployed successfully.
Install of ZDM7 on the server appears to go OK - ASA
loads & is reachable from the mgt wkstn.
Checking the NW65 registry shows all the right versions,
and running zenver in the sys:public directory shows that
7.0.1 is installed.
The problem came up when I tried to register a workstation.
zwsreg.exe is missing; the old wsreg32.exe is still in

Is there a way to correct this (e.g., reinstall again)?
Do I need to upgrade ZfD32 SP1 to SP3 before install of
ZDM7 SP1 (possible in test since snapshots were taken
prior to the install).

We are currently using applications via ZfD32 in production,
but not workstation inventory.