I was running Zen 6.5 sp2 then upgraded to Zen 7sp1. For some reason it
will not install the Inv Database of zen 7 sp1. But thats not all the
problems that Im having. For some reason the Server keeps abending with
the DTS.NLM. I belive that is becasue the file keeps growing and the
server just does not know how to handle it, I may be worng. But I tryed
to install the Zen7 sp1 hotpatch and for some reason the server says
that Zen 7 sp1 is not on the server at all. I installed it again and
again it would not install the INV database but it did install the
image server and the server is using the Image server. I then went to
the RConsone in the server and tryed to do a "ZfdVersion and it said
that I could not fine the command. So I figured what the heck and did a
Zenver and it worked fine but it sayed that zen 6.5 sp2 was installed.
Now no matter what I do the server thinks it has Zen 6.5 but is useing
the Zen 7 services so I can not install the HotPatch that will fix the
DTS issue. How to I get the server to see that it has Zen 7 and not