I am trying to get some clarification on a scenario of installing Zen 7
on a 2003 server.
Initially, I want to use the desktop management package to deploy apps
and workstation policies. Maybe other Zen 7 packages later on.

Mostly all of the docs I read on Novell's site indicate the use of two
servers (hardware) and the Middle Teer server product to run Zen 7 on
2003 server.
However I find some of the docs confusing and and cant seem to put my
finger on the exact answer I need.

I want one server to handle my needs.
First questions: Is two servers absolutely necessary ?

Second question: Would this scenario work
Take a freshly built 2003 server. Do no make it a Domain Controller, Do
not install AD.
Install E-Dir and Zenworks 7 for Desktop Mgmt.
Use E-Dir to handle my user accounts, authentication, groups, policies,
app objects, etc.
Use the Novell Client on the workstations. Use app launcher (or what
used to be called app launcher)

I want to keep it simple. Having AD and E-Dir synchronize passwords
and such seems to add layers of complexity I don't need or want.

Can anyone offer an answer on this?
Can anyone point me to the spot in the Zen7 docs on Novell's site that
point to some of these answers?