I'm in the process of upgrading our current Zenworks environment from
3.2 to 7 sp1. Also, we will be moving away from running services on
Netware servers. Instead, we will be installing everything on Windows
2003 servers. This is the setup we are thinking of..

1 server for Identity Manager. This server will have edir and AD on
2 middle tier servers. One on our network and one in the DMZ.
1 server for Zenworks Asset Management
1 server for Zenworks install. Is this necessary or can it be put on
another server?

We are planning on using our windows file server to house the images
and applications.

All our current apps have been created with zen 3.2 snapins. Will we
need to make any changes to them before they will work?

At this point our plan is to get the servers all installed and setup
prior to upgrading the clients. I believe this is the best practice??
We do have multiple sites. At each site we will have the application
and image files stored on the local file server. For our other large
site, we will be installing an edir server along with a middle-tier

So, how does this all sound? Any help would be greatly appreciated.