Every time I install Zen 7 sp1 on a few of my servers I get this error.

> *-ZENworks Desktop Management installation failed on the following
> servers:
> See below for details.
> Pre-install steps completed successfully
> InvServer components NOT installed on TJONES
> Error: There was an error installing ZENworks Desktop Management on
> TJONES. Error: An error occured during file copy or configuration.
> See above for more details and be sure that no ZENworks Desktop
> Management files are open or locked.-*

Im not sure why I am getting this error. Some server install just fine
wile other will never install the inv database. But it is on the server
but It just will not install. I got this error when I was install zen
6.5 and thought nothing of it till now. Im kind of confused on what to

Thanks for any help you guys can offer...