We are using Zen 7 with Client32 4.91 and the ZFD agent. As far as I
know, they are the latest patch levels. Our environment is Netware 6.5
SP5 with Edir

We are having intermittent problems with DLU not creating the local
user, and popping up Windows login. We are at a loss on how to
troubleshoot this.

Small tree, 4 servers, all holding replicas of Root, where Zen objects
are located. 3 servers hold a second replica with User objects. The
one without the user replica is SP2, and edir I don't really
think this has anything to do with it, as it has worked fine this way in
the past.

Only recent changes that could have possibly been of consequence were
that 2 older servers in the tree had replicas removed (as two new
servers took over), then they had eDirectory removed via nwconfig
(normal way of removing servers from a tree). Then they were shut down.

Is there client side debugging that might help troubleshoot why this is
failing. The process was working fine for some time, but has become
problematic in the last one - two months. This was after removing the
other servers, but the problems didn't crop up right away, so I'm not
sure it was related or not. I only mention it in case it might be an issue.