Hi, i am building a lab to test Novell Zen 7.0 SP1 in a Windows
environment on a windows 2003R2 standard edition OS.

On a single server I have installed edir, ConsoleOne, iMan, ZAM, IDM.

I do relise I will get some conflicts and have dealt with few involving
different versions of apache working with ZAM and IMan.

I have another conflict that I unable to resolve after looking throught the
Novell KB.

I have installed ZEN and the componants required (schema updates to edir,
desktop management etc...) and finally the middle tier.

The middle tier would not install requiring the IIS admin console. I
installed this from OS disc but still refused to work. I then installed
IIS including the web componant.

This allowed the middle tier to finish installing. I then rebooted the server.

Everything seemed fine so I then tried to test the middle tier by going to

And basically got url not found.

I looked to see if IIS started, it had not and would not start and errored
out with another process was using the resouce.

I stopped the 2 versions of apache I have running on the server (one for
iman and one for ZAM) IIS would now start but the above link would not work.

can anyone help me verify if my middle tier is functional or how to
arrange, change ports or resources to allow the zen suite to work together
on this one server. Appreciate you would not do this in a live
implemtation but have linited resources for a lab environement.

thank you for any help you can offer.