Hi There,
I am currently running ZFD4.01 in a Netware environment.
(1) ZENworks Server - Netware 5.1 SP7 with eDir 8.6.2
(1) Mid-Tier Server - Netware 5 SP5 with eDir 8.6.2

I would like to upgrade to Zen 7 sp1 and at the same time move to 2k3
windows only.

My Plan is as follows:

Get the current environment upgraded to eDir
Move the Master Replica to one of the New Windows 2003 Sp1 Boxes
Install 2 new Windows 2003 SP1 Servers with eDir and the latest
Netware Client.
Upgrade the existing Netware servers to Zen 7 sp1.
Install the ZENworks 7 sp1 Desktop and Mid-Tier on the two new Windows
2003 SP1 Servers.
Configure the two new servers in ConsoleOne.
Decommission the two old Netware Servers.

I just wanted to run this past the group to see if I was missing
anything or if there were any other best practices I should be
concerned about.

PS - The installation is only taking advantage of application delivery
through MyApps and NAL. Inventory, Asset Managment, RM and Workstation
Management are not a concern.

Thanks in Advance,
Tobias O'Brien

tobias.obrien@_cbetech.com - remove the _ to email me.