I just installed SP1 to Zen 7 and my server experienced a few abends. The
abend.log was empty, but the compaq management agents told me the abend was

I found TID 3720748 that seems to explain the problem. I sent an email to
receive ZDM 7 SP1 HP2 and when the file arrived, I unzipped it and ran the

In the install, every time I try to select my server I get:
We are unable to determine that ZENworks Desktop Management 7 is installed
on <servername> This can be caused by not having sufficient rights to the
target server. Be sure that ZENworks 7 is installed and that you have rights
to administer <servername> before applying this support pack.
I can assure you that ZEN 7 is indeed installed on this server and that I am
logged in as administrator.
What is this hotfix looking for to come up with this error? How can I get
around it?
Thanks for any help!