Also posted in the Applications forum but I didn't get a response, so I
thought I'd try here...

All of my servers have been upgraded to ZfD 7.0.1, and now I want to
distribute the agent to my workstations (which currently have the 6.5.2b
agent installed). Ideally, I'd like to use pre-install to install the agent
early in the morning before user's arrive. I have not used this feature
before, so I'm hoping someone here can tell me if I set this up right:

1. MSI application assigned to Workstations only, assigned Force Run and
Force Cache.

2. Pre-install enabled. Scheduled for Wednesdays @ 4:15-6:30am with a 10
min spread.

3. Distribute in WS Security Space is checked. Reboot is set to always, no

4. Set to run as secure system user (not sure if this even applies to this

5. Distribution rule, so it only distributes if NALDESK.EXE <

What I'm shooting for is for the computer to wake-up @ 4:00am via WoL,
install the application from the cache between 4:15-6:30am, and reboot. I
don't think the agent makes any changes to the user parts of the registry
so I don't think I need it to be user-assigned as well.

With force cache on an app that is scheduled to run at a specific time,
will it still cache the app ahead of time or will it wait until the
scheduled time, then cache and install?