Hi, I'm trying to install Zenworks Server management on a OES (Suse)Linux.

As per the documentation, this is done via command line on the Linux server
(no prob with this)

The problem I have is when browsing to the directory;

/media/cdrom/zfs/tedpol/linux/ and running 'zfs-pds-install', the cd has
truncated long file names, ie this is 'zfs-pd~1' and all other files on the
cd are the same.

Its not the cd, when I load the cd into a windows pc I can see the full name.

If I copy the file to a local drive on the Linux server, I can rename them
etc, hence the server has the ability to view long file names. But any cd's
loaded have long file names cut.

Hence I can't load Zen Servers.

How can I dismount and remount the cd drive to take into account long file