All my testing has been done involving 1 server, now I'm
starting to do the actual install for production. I have
the root inventory server installed, just waiting on a
detail for the Oracle database we'll be using.

Now planning out the install/upgrade of the leaf servers.

For the root server, installed Desktop Management Database,
Inventory Server, Workstation Import/Removal Server, and
Desktop Management Services Snap-Ins.

For the leaf servers, should this just be Inventory Server,
Workstation Import/Removal and the snap-ins? Or should each
server have a Desktop Management Database? I don't have
immediate plans to use this, but it may be useful in the
future. In short - is the Desktop Management Database
needed per server, or can this also be rolled up to the
root server? (I haven't found a clear sense of this in
the docs or the handbook)