We have an existing AD Server and we just finished installing ZDM 7 SP1
into one of our servers.

We have the following configured and running on ZEN1 :
- iManager
- eDirectory
- Identity Manager 3 Bundled
- Desktop Management Server
- Middle Tier Server

The ff. are running on AD1 :
- AD Driver Preparation Tool
- was also previously referenced from ZEN1 via the DirXML PassSync

We got the following result:
- we got "<check-password>" error in the Publisher workflow in the
Driver view in Identity Manager
- Remote Loader responds to "Migrate to Vault"
- Remote Loader responds to "Synchronize"
- during synchronization, user accounts did not appear to our
designation container.

Any ideas?


Romar Mayer Micabalo
Novell Pre-Sales and SuSE Linux Tech Support
Dataworld Computer Center
Blog: http://baudizm.blogsome.com