Situation: PC in Win2003 domain, we only use CIFS and the ZFD agent
(client32 need not apply).

All users exist in single container for easy "single sign on" experience,
except for this situation...

I have a special case where I need to create a local user account on a PC
(in Windows XP). I created an identical account in a container (different
than where the users container is located) and assigned it the same
password. I'm able to login to the PC with the Windows local account name,
then Zenworks prompts me for a mid-tier login. As long as I give the ZFD
agent the full NDS path, it's happy, I get logged in and life is good.

Is there a registry setting where I can input the default username only for
the ZFD agent to avoid others having to type in the full NDS path and avoid
having the ZFD agent prompt the user for a login?