We are currently running ZenWorks Desktop Management 6.5, we have Windows
XP Client Machines on our academic network.

Scenario: Everytime a Zenworks Application is force run on start up, we set
this to place a LockFile (LockFile.log) on the client machine to stop any
other installations from starting while the current one is completing. The
Lockfile is then removed so that other installations can be carried out after.

Although this works very well for us, sometimes the installation may be
interrupted, or by system crash or other error, which means the
installation wont finish and the Lockfile doesnt get removed.

Possible Solution: We have created a script (batch file) which we want to
run when the user logs off of the machine. This script will remove the
LockFile from that machine for next startup.

The Problem: We have tried to include this script on LogOff through group
policies, however, because the user doesnt have rights to the C: drive
(where the lockfile is placed) they are unable to remove the file.

We would like to have a ZenApp for this script, but would like more
information as to how we could get this to run on LogOff?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!