I had a netware 6.0 server crash that has been replaced. It had all my
images for zenworks in one school. It has been replaced with a zenworks
6.5 server. There is no zenworks program on the server at this point. I
need to reset up this server as being a middle teir server and to where it
also had the database for zenworks in terms of having the machines and
such. I can see all the machines in the tree and when I try to image a
machine it starts as it should and then comes up with a message that
says "Coul not connect to image server". So I can start the process from
Console one in the tree, but this server needs something on it to allow
everything to run. The images are there, but they cannot be accessed.
SO how do I install zenworks back onto it without messing up anything in
the rest of the trree. Thanks, David