We have had some problems with the rollout of the Zen7 ZFDAgent.msi.

I created a Zen Application to silently install the agent to
workstations. We thought this had gone smoothly and have recently noticed
that the workstation policies are not being pulled down correctly.

After some investigation on the roll out of the MSI I found that it said
to install the MSI you require Administrator Rights to the Workstation.

I work in a College with over 3000 workstations and we do not allow our
users to have Admin rights, only Poweruser rights. Does anybody know of a
way we can roll it out to get around this problem or what files arenot
correctly installed when msi is not ran as administrator.

We are running the latest version of Zen and all of our servers are
netware 65 sp5. Workstations are runnning a miz of Windowss 2000 and XP.

Any suggestions please let me know.


Jonathan Williams
Network Systems Engineer
City of Bristol Colleg