All my testing was limited to using a standalone server
config in VMware workstation, which of course uses the
Sybase DB.

Stopped the inventory service on the NW65SP6 server.

Trying to set this up with the production server, which
I have a Netware 6.5 SP6 server to use as the root
inventory server. The steps for installation of the
Oracle database were followed as per the Zenworks 7
Desktop Management Administration Guide by our DBA on
the Solaris host where Oracle 9 resides. I manually
created the Oracle inventory database object, naming
it Inventory Database_<SERVER> where <SERVER> is the
ip name of the NW65SP6 server. I configured the Zenworks
Database settings as described, using the DNS name for
the Solaris server where the Oracle DB resides, and
using the names/passwords as noted in 73.2.2, p944.
Following 73.5, configured the Service Location Package
and the Server Package.

This is a root server with no workstations attached.

At the console, attempt to start the service with
Get the following:
Starting Inventory services. Please wait...
Checking the version of the database engine. Please wait...
Unable to connect to the database. Retrying...
<this goes on for 3-4 minutes, 30-40 lines>
then the error flashes by too quickly & the console screen
is dropped to record.
The logger screen has:
java: Class
com.novell.zenworks.desktop.inventory.servercommon .ZENWorksInventory
ServiceManager exited with status -1
In the Inventory Service object, the Status Report | Server Status
shows 622: Unable to get information from the database.

I've checked with ODBC from my PC that the mgmtdb database exists,
is running (on the Solaris system), and the username/passwords in
the Inventory Database object work.

Searches to the knowledgebase come up with older versions of
ZENworks that don't appear relevant.

I deleted/created a new Inventory Database object and continue
to get the same results. I'm planning on installing the leaf
servers on 4 production NW65SP5 servers through next week.

Any ideas on where I should look, or find a simple how-to on
implementing this using the Oracle database? We are using
Oracle for our ERP, so it makes sense to have the data stored
somewhere that can be easily reconciled to purchase and inventory
records (reasons to use Oracle).

Thanks for your consideration of this.