I am having a little trouble getting my MSI app to force run. I created
an MSI app for ZfD_Agent.msi, set the Properties to reboot=reallysuppress
and startup_appexplorer=1. I set it to run as an unsecured system user
in the Environment<Run Options>. In the associations I have it set to
Force Run, App Launcher and Force Cache and I am associating the app with
workstation objects.

Now, the problem that I am having is with force cache turned on it will
not force run the app at login, or after logging in. Once I am logged in
and I open the App Launcher if I right-click the app I get Copy and Open,
if I click Open, the box comes up saying that it is caching the app, then
the install starts and everything fire off without a hitch, even logged
in as a user or poweruser.

Now, if I remove the Force Cache option it will Force Run the app, but
will error out because I don't have admin rights to the local machine.
Anyone have any suggestions?