Greetings forum,

I have a SLES 10 server (would have used OES, but didn't learn of it untill
AFTER implementing SLES ) with eDir 8.8, Groupwise 7, and Samba up and
running fairly well.

The one thing holding me up mapping samba shares to the workstations when
users move to a different computer.

It looks like my options are:

1. set up a windows domain and join all pcs to it.
2. create a standard local user account that people can all use when the
move around.
3. set up Dynamic Users with Zenworks.
4. scrap samba and sles 10, install oes, and use nss.

If there are more options let me know! of those 4, i choose number 3. I
may do 2 in the short term, but i'd like to stay away from a windows domain
(why maintain 2 domains ) and 4 is out of the budget.

So, what do i need to install on the server to get Dynamic Users working?
I can't seem to find an article about it. There are only 20 users on the
network, we just want people to be able to move around with decent security.