Applying HP3 to a NetWare cluster using 2 of the nodes to host ZDM. They
are currently running ZDM 7 SP1. The first node handles all inventory
services and WS import/export, the second handles Imaging and PXE, and
they both have Desktop Management Services (although I'm pretty sure only
one should). When applying HP3, after selecting the nodes, the Server
Selection screen shows *both* nodes have the inventory services and wants
to upgrade them in both places. All server check boxes are greyed out and
cannot be changed. When I select "Next" the error "<Cluster Node Name>:
The installation volume or drive is invalid." repeats twice. The
Installation Summary screen shows both nodes for the "Inventory
Server", "Inventory Database", and "Desktop Management Database".

Where is the installer getting this configuration? It was not an issue
when SP1 was applied.

Alan Sickels