Hello all: I have an older W2K workstation which is giving
me fits. This machine had a very old versio of the ZfD
client, ZfD401_ir6. I upgraded to ZfD7 sp1 client, but in
doing so, I had to manually remove the old client as it
would not uninstall properly. The uninstall problem is
related to the old client needing the ZfD401_ir6 msi file,
which I have long since tossed and can't find online.

So, after reinstalling the new ZfD client, the workstation
is not properly registering and on login the profile does
not load and it asks for a local password.

I am getting to the point of a complete reinstall but this
workstation has some special software for a piece of
diagnostic equipment that I would perfer not to mess with.

Help please, Chris Mosentine.