I try to install hot patch 3. I can select the server in the adding
Than I press Ok but the server is not longer in the of servers to be
updated and will not let me continue.
I am logged in as Admin, the ZfDDebug.log shows:

SelectProductsPage: Adding LARRY.LSH to valid Servers
SelectProductsPage: Number of valid servers = 1
SelectProductsPage: server [0] = TREE LARRY.LSH 6 LARRY
SelectProductsPage: Attempting to authenticate to LARRY
SelectProductsPage: Authenticated to LARRY
getZenworksVersion: Attempting to get zenworks version from LARRY
ServerUtils: zenquery.in: Software\Novell\ZENworks\ZfD\Version
ServerUtils: zenquery.ncf: Load SYS:\System\zdmreg.nlm -c SYS:\System
\zenquery.in -o SYS:\System\zenquery.out
getTextFile: \\LARRY\SYS\System\zenquery.out
ServerUtils: Regquery returned: Software\Novell\ZENworks\ZfD

Zfd 7 is installed on that server and runs fine...
Has anyone seen this one? Any idea how to solve the problem?