I have been a Zenworks customer since the beginning. I used
Managewise back in the WFW days when it came bundled with LanDesk.
Then moved from the included Landesk antivirus to the Cheyenne AV when
Novell switched. Switched to Novell Application Launcher 1.0, Then to
Zenworks 2.0. Followed Zenworks all the way to 6.5 which we are
currently on, latest patches.

Zen 2.0 was solid. We ran it for our NT 4.0 machines until a year
ago. Rock solid. But as we moved up the numbers to 6.5, the
stability has not remained.

We went from an all Network shop to an All Windows shop. I currently
have an eDirectory server on Windows simply for use with Zenworks. I
have this real complex DIRXML stuff which took a year, half with
Novell tech support on the phone, to get working at all. It still
requires weekly reboots. Password sync is in place, but that is not
solid. It took forever to get working. And it causes problems when
people change passwords. Workstation import stops working at times,
and I have to restart it. Workstation removal service has never
worked. We have two middle tiers since we don't run the Novell
Client, and those require rebooting once a week or they just quit

Anyway, after being a Novell custom for around 10 years or so I am
looking at where I am at today and re-evaluating. I have approval to
switch to SMS or KBox KACE or Landesk if I desire. The KACE does the
core functionality of what I use Zen for, though it is lacking. But
it would reduce the enormous amount of infrastructure support I have
to spend to keep Zen working. SMS would tie directly into my Active
Directory so I'd no longer need eDirectory or middle tiers (removal of
3 servers.) Both products would require 3rd party add-ons to do some
of the things I do today such as SMS doesn't have WoL built in, and
neither have the SnapShot abilities so I'd look at some MSI package
such as MacroVision to tie in.

As I understand it, Zen 7.0 isn't much different from 6.5. I get
Linux support which I don't need. I get Patch Management as a
"feature" though I discontinued my Patch Link support after the 1st
year bundle expired because Patch Link is so slow to respond. I get
some added capabilities I'd been asking for such as BITS

But I still need my eDirectory, I still need my middle tiers, and I
still need password sync, Right? There is no ability to replace all
my Sybase databases for all these products with Microsoft SQL server,
is there? I can't just use Active Directory ONLY as my Zenworks
database and dump eDirectory, can I? This product is still built for
a Novell shop afaik, which we no longer are.

The upgrade from 6.5 to 7.0 is over $40,000US. SMS and the other
options come considerably lower. I want to verify I have my facts
correct before I make my decision.