Hello all: I am having a ***** of a time getting zenworks
suite installation cds to cooperate. We run Zenworks Suite
7 sp1. I am trying to reinstall the consoleone snapins as
for some reason I am getting a no license found error trying
to go into ZfSSites in C1.

So I pop in the first cd and it fires up just fine. Click
down to install the management snapins. It then asks for
the second cd, which I politely place into the drive. Click
the OK button and nothing. Then tried running the install
directly from the second cd. It also asked for the second
cd to be placed in the cd drive, then nothing again. WTF.

To this day, I have NEVER had any problems with zenworks

What am I doing wrong here?? Thanks for the help, Chris.

PS: I confirmed the two cds are both sp1. The first is
labeled zdm1_7_0_1, the second zdm_7_0_2.