I want to configure desktop management policy with following....

1. Any user can log into the Fileserver and have a seamless login to Workstation.

2. All security updates that were done thru WSUS are intact when any users logins in.

3. No bombardment of Installations/Updates will occur when any users login into workstation.

4. Groupwise Icon will be on the Desktop. When used it will have any/all patches already installed.

4a. other icon and IE will be on the desktop too.

5. All programs that were original installed on that pc will be accessible by the visiting users on the Program Menu, and when started, will not get prompted for any updates/installs, etc.

6. The visiting users will be able to print to the printers that are already installed pc.

7. The ftp folders (not yet created on zen ) will be visiable to anyone using the pc.

8. What "desktop" will appear, Folder options should have "Details" view.

9. Visiting User must be able to save a file to the Desktop without fear of it being deleted when they logout.

10. Visiting User should not be granted access to Main User's desktop/files if at all possible.

11. Visiting User should not be able to install software.\\

If I configure following - will I be able to accomplished above.. if not what do i need to do..

Enable Dynamic Local User

Enable Manage Existing User account

Enalble E-Directory Credentials

Disable Volatile user