I used an early version of Zenworks (3.2 I think) mainly for program
distribution. For a variety of issues, we abandoned it, but I have
project which I think I might be able to resell the idea. We will be
having about a thousand laptops to image this summer and over the next 2
years we would probably have to reimage many of them if our past
experience is any indication. I would like to be able to do both the
imaging and do some windows policy things when they are on my network.
There would be some policy items that I would only be concerned with
when they were connected to my network. We are still mostly a Novell
shop (not Linux yet) My concern is that these laptops are used by
students at home as well as at the school and I would need to be certain
that they could be setup to be used at home in a variety of environments
(stand alone, networked and dial up) when they were not connecting to my
network. Is there now an easy way to skip some of the policy
enforcement when not on the network and have a reasonably quick machine
startup, ie have it not wait for minutes while searching to see if it is
on the network?