We currently have Zenworks 7 installed on a Netware 6 server. This server
is also used as our primary file server as well as for authentication. We
would like to move Zenworks off of this server on to a seperate one so
that we can reduce the load on this particular server.

Our applications are stored on this file server as well as others within
our tree so there shouldn't be any issue with applications since the paths
won't change. However, we do use the Sybase inventory database. Our DLU
policies and applications are associated with users, not workstations.

What would we have to do to make this transition? My concern is mainly on
the client side. Right now the workstations are imported to the main file
server. What happens when Zen is moved to a new server? Do we have to
clear out the workstation objects and let them reimport themselves? If
so, would the Zen client automatically detect the new server and IP
address, or would this be something we have to push out like using the
zwsreg -importserver command? I would assume that the client would have
to be told that the server address changed?

Finally, one more question. Is there any way to have a backup Zenworks
server? For example, right now we use Zen to create linked folders in the
Windows start menu. Most of our users access our unique apps by clicking
on the shortcuts in these linked folders. If the Zen server would crash,
would the users still be able to get to their apps? Is a backup server
possible, and is it even necessary?

Thanks in advance