We are rolling out ZfD701 HP3 to all systems, with a NAL (running as system)
using the ZfDAgent.msi
PC's currently have ZfD700.

Most PC's are running the installation without a problem.
After reboot and login, some PC's only show NALDESK for a split second before
it closes.

If I try to run NALDIAG, the error message "Failed to create the NAL Engine"
If I check the "c:\program files\novell\zenworks" folder, I find that
NALAGENT.EXE is missing completely.

All other installation processes from the ZfDAgent.msi seem to be fine.
The workstations can register themselves, remote desktop is working fine...

Does anyone know why the NALAGENT.EXE will not have been installed/copied from
the MSI on a few machines, when it is succesfully installed/copied on other