I have inherited a mixed Netware network in a small school corp. They
currently have 3 6.5 servers and one 5.1. The Zen installed on the
prinamry server is v7, however several of the servers in the field are
still running a v3.2. I'd like to move everyone up to the v7 and have
everything work AOK. As an example, v7 allows URL's as app launcher items,
where the earlier clients are confused by this and it doesn't work... Its
possible only the local server install of the Zen Launcher is what needs
updating (what runs from public) so how do I make sure all stations can
run the v7 client and take benefits from all the features?

We use Zen mostly for imaging and for the App launcher, but with so many
versions of NAL/NAL32 running around out there the student stations have
multiple configurations. Some run the client installed, others are running
NAL from a login box, etc...

Best practices tips??