I am running Windows XP SP2, Zenworks 7, Latest Novell Client, and we have
DeepFreeze installed. I just updated a computer lab with windows updates,
java updates, and McAfee Epo updates. When I startup the computers, I get
this Nalshellullwindow error were Memory 000000000 Cannot Be Written to
000000000. I get this before and after I freeze the computer with
DeepFreeze. There is a Nalshell.dll and it relates to Zenworks. I was
wondering if there is some type of setting or fix to this problem. If any
of you have come across this problem, please let me know what you did to
fix it or where I might look. I was not getting this problem before, so it
has to do with either the windows updates, java, or epo. I could reinstall
Zenworks, but it might come back do to these recent updates. Please let me
know if you guys have any advice. Thanks.