Hey folks, is anyone aware of problems with performing a new install
of ZENworks 7sp1 Server Management? I installed the 7sp1 Desktop
Management last week (it was actually just an upgrade of the base 7
install), and this week I thought I'd install ZFS. I've never loaded
ZFS before now, we upgrade from ZEN 3 earlier this year, so I'm not
sure if it's normal for the "copy files" process to take this long.
Like, 24 hours or more long.

I'm installing from a 7sp1 ISO that I downloaded last week, and I even
re-burned a new CD from a new ISO download in case something earlier
was corrupted. Nothing seems to be moving very fast.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!


Bill Valaski
Director of IT
CDS Associates, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH USA