Hello all!

I hope some of you can help me a bit with this little issue.

I have setup a test server to tryout the ZFD 7 SP1 software and when I
install the "Desktop management Services" the install runs fine untill it
needs to install ZFDPXE. Then the install simply stops progressing.

I get no error messages.
The zfddebug.log contains (at the bottom)

ProcessWatcher: Testing if process is completed
getTextFile: c:novellzfdtempZENworksInstall.lok
ProcessTest: ZENworksInstall.lok contains:
ProcessWatcher: Process test returned false, waiting...

Now and then these 4 lines are added to the end of the file.

Server info

OS: NW 6.5 SP6
Loggedin user: admin
Other installed software on server:
GW 7 including Webaccess (not running)
Novell Messenger (not running)
iManager 2.6

If anyone can advise some changes and how to wipe the selected options (i
cant change most of the options to install anymore)